What's new in GraphBolt v0.7.0?

What's new in GraphBolt v0.7.0?

AppSync API details, metrics and resolver statistics

At GraphBolt, we are on a mission: Pack everything you need to build, test, manage, and observe your AWS AppSync APIs in one single desktop application.

Today, we are one step closer to that. We just released a new version of GraphBolt with three new amazing tools.

1. API details ℹ️

In the new Details tab, you will find basic information about your APIs such as the GraphQL endpoints (for queries and real-time), the ARN, tags, etc.

2. Metrics 📈

GraphBolt is committed to making developers' lives easier, but once your APIs hit production, you want to keep an eye on how they perform, right?

GraphBolt now features CloudWatch metrics. Number of Requests, Errors, Latency, Consumed tokens, Caching, and even the new Real-time metrics. It's all there!


3. Stats 📊

Have you ever wondered which one of your AppSync resolvers is the most invoked? Or which one is the slowest? Maybe there is something you can do about it and improve latency and UX.

Under Statistics, you will find charts showing the most invoked resolvers and their execution time (average, min, and max). You can even choose a time range from which you would like to get data.

All these features are available for download today!

GraphBolt is still in beta and as such, it remains free to use for everyone.